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7 Skins: K-Beauty Moisture Drenching Treatment

December 11, 2020

7 Skins: K-Beauty Moisture Drenching Treatment

You know I’m not a fan of chasing every skincare fad and most of the time less is more in skincare but there are a few special at-home treatments that are excellent for nourishing the skin.

One of them is called 7 Skins, a K-beauty system for saturating the skin using an ESSENCE to the point skin is full. What this looks like when done properly, is very plump, smooth skin immediately following the treatment.

The treatment will take up to 21 minutes if you complete all 7 layers. NOTE: You can do a short version daily by only adding 1 – 3 layers of ESSENCE. A good time to do a full 7 layers is when your skin feels very dry.

It is important to use an ESSENCE in this treatment, not a serum. An essence is different than a serum. An essence is a water-based product (not oil) with very gentle ingredients. It is considerably more lightweight and much less concentrated than a serum. If you use an essence daily, it is always applied BEFORE a serum.

Spoiler Alert: You will read about this on the Internet and others recommend using Toner. PLEASE do not use a toner that has alcohol or harsh ingredients. You will experience adverse effects. Read my article on Toner here.

I love HYAL Moisture Solution and I use it for the essence in my video on this topic. Again, use a water-based essence, NOT a serum.

Use the following method to super saturate the skin to the point it is completely full.

It works like this…

  • Begin with clean skin. If you have been following me, you know I use a double cleanse method. Cleanse once to remove makeup and surface grime and cleanse a second time to remove deep down dirt, all dead skin cells, and excess oil.
  • While your skin is damp (not soaking wet), apply the first layer of HYAL or your favorite essence. You will gently apply enough to cover the face lightly. Pat into place in the eye area. This would amount to one dropper of HYAL or about a nickel’s worth of your favorite essence.
  • Allow the first layer of essence to completely absorb. If it is taking a long time to absorb, you are likely using too much. Waiting until it is fully absorbed is an important step so do not skip this.
  • When your face no longer feels wet, it means your skin has absorbed the layer you just applied. If your skin is not dry, the next layer applied will just sit on top of the skin and you will not get the benefits of the 7 Skins treatment.
  • Repeat by applying another layer of HYAL or your favorite essence to your skin. Again, allowing it to completely absorb before applying next layer.
  • You will repeat the application steps 5 more times, ensuring you have applied a light application and allowed each layer to completely absorb. If at any point, the skin feels full you can stop. You’ve achieved the goal of this treatment.
  • When you are all done, you can continue with the rest of your skincare routine (applying serums, etc., if you desire) but definitely finish by applying a Moisturizer to lock in all the moisture you’ve just added to your skin.

Upon completion, your skin will IMMEDIATELY look and feel more plump, glowing, and smoother. 

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