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7 PRO Tips for Fall and Winter Skin

November 06, 2020

7 PRO Tips for Fall and Winter Skin

The fall and winter seasons are in front of us and the hot summer sun is behind us. BUT did you know it's important to maintain your momentum by making some adjustment to your skincare for the season?

Here's 7 PROactive tips to prepare your skin for the season ahead.

Let's talk about UV protection first. We all know UV is strongest during the summer but all too often we forget that it is still a threat in the fall and winter. Think about how often your hands are exposed to sun while driving. Consider how sunlight still affects your eyes. Well, the skin on your face is no different. 

PRO Tip 1: Keep using your SPF product all year long and continue to use Vitamin C.

Did you know research shows Vitamin C boosts the effectiveness of your SPF products? Keep a Vitamin C product in your skincare toolbox so you can continue to heal any pigmentation issues from the summer and boost your SPF all year long. 

Now, let's talk about the dry indoor air. The furnace is on and running day and night in the fall and winter. Not to mention the stale air in office buildings and retail establishments. A LOT of moisture is evaporated from indoor air and from your skin! This can result in skin that looks and feels dry and parched. 

PRO Tip 2: Improve indoor air quality by investing in a humidifier and add NeoGenesis Booster to your skincare toolbox to hold on to moisture longer.

Even if you just run the humidifier at night while you sleep, you will help counter the effects of dry indoor air. Your sinuses will thank you too. The ideal relative humidity for health and comfort is somewhere between 30-50% humidity, according to the Mayo Clinic. This means the air holds between 30-50% of the maximum amount of moisture it can contain. Pick up an inexpensive humidity gauge to keep an eye on your indoor humidity level.

Adding NeoGenesis Booster to your daily skincare is an effective way to keep moisture from escaping. It will 'boost' the results on your daily moisturizer. Just apply it before your moisturizer and you will be amazed with how much better your skin looks and feels during this dry season.

PRO Tip 3: Don't neglect your lips and eyes.

Lips and eyes will need extra protection and moisture. Keep wearing those sexy shades to protect your eyes from UV light. NeoGenesis Eye Serum is my #1 defense for eyes that defy the aging process all year around, and it's especially helpful and important during the fall and winter months. 

Take care of your lips! Applying a lip treatment at night is ideal for keeping the lips from drying out during sleep! Look for a product with peptides and ceramides. Burt's Bees Overnight Intensive Treatment is a great place to start. 

PRO Tip 4:  Choose a soothing bath instead of a hot shower.

Plain and simple, hot showers remove moisture from your skin. Hot water causes damage to the keratin cells located on the most outer layer of our skin, the epidermis. By disrupting these cells, it creates dry skin and prevents the cells from locking in moisture. Adjust the temperature to a more lukewarm or slightly warm to be kind to your skin and shorten the duration. NEVER use hot water on your face, only use lukewarm or cool water.

Choose a soothing bath when you can. Toss in some Epsom salts in your bath and you turn it into a healing bath. Ahh....

PRO Tip 5: Back off on chemical exfoliants and retinoids during fall and winter, if you're experiencing dryness.

If you start noticing excessive dry skin, start with by doing half as many of your chemical exfoliants or retinoid treatments. If you're using Sculplla products that 'work' the skin, add in some nourishment with NeoGenesis Barrier Renewal Cream. Because our skin changes with the season, it may be necessary to work the skin less and think more in terms of nourishing skin during this dry season.

PRO Tip 6: Increase your use of LED light therapy. 

LED light therapy is especially useful for healing stressed skin and any associated skin conditions. LED light therapy is UV-free, beneficial light energy to the skin. Each color of the LED uses different wavelengths that can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, temporarily increase blood circulation, and treat mild to moderate skin conditions.

PRO Tip 7: Don't neglect the skin on your body!

It is not unusual for the arms and legs to suffer during the fall and winter. We keep them under extra layers in our clothes so skin cannot breathe as well. In the shower I like to use TEAriffic Antioxidant Body Scrub which is 98% natural and 70% organic antioxidant body scrub formulated with the organic polyphenols of Green and White Tea. And I love the immediate relief of NeoGenesis Moisturizing Mist and NeoGenesis Body Cream. A little goes a long way and the nourishment is still seen and felt the next day! With continued use, your skin becomes irresistibly soft! I promise, once you try *this* body cream, you will never be satisfied with OTC.


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