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Ultimate Device Bundle

$1,834.00 $2,109.00

This is the Ultimate Bundle for anti-aging using advanced technology.

You will receive the Rose Quartz Anma to begin your device regimen by releasing fascia and warming up the facial muscles.

The Curve Face and Body is a larger device but still handheld. It is ideal for treating larger sections of the face and body. Lower face, neck and décolleté (5 minutes only), and trouble spots on the body (arms, legs, belly, hips - up to 15 minutes each area) It contains 4 modalities: RF (300kHZ), Ultrasound (300,000 sound waves per second), Red LED (625 nm), VIB (gentle biomechanical vibration).

Next you'll use the Time Master Pro Ultrasound with LED to super charge collagen production and plump wrinkles. Great for treating smaller areas of the face such as around the eyes, cheeks near the nose, and forehead. TMP is 90,000 sound waves per second + EMS + LED. 

Since you can only use Curve 3 times a week (15 minutes) and TMP 2 times a week (10 minutes), you'll love the Glow Younger TriLight LED to continue LED treatments. This device makes a full-face LED treatment easy and fast. It travels well!

You will use the Dazzling Pink Clareblend Mini Microcurrent last in your device routine to lift muscles with TRUE microcurrent. 340 micro-amps in a variable current for best results.

The Eye Rejuvenator Microcurrent device at 300 micro-amps is ideal for treating the delicate eye area. Safe enough to use daily. The circumference of this aluminum tip is ideal for the treating the eyes. You can also use it in the lip area. Travels well!

Plus, I'm including my favorite conducting gel and glide which is the CBE Botanicals HydraLift Conducting Gel (Temporary Size).  Use it with any or all of these devices.

WARNING: Strict adherence to instructions is necessary to prevent injury. Purchasing any of these devices means you assume full responsibility for use and you hold Christine Byer Esthetics and its subsidiaries harmless for any injury from misuse or failure to follow instructions. 

To learn more about each device click link(s) below:

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