Clareblend Mini Deluxe Home Package
Clareblend Mini Deluxe Home Package
Clareblend Mini Deluxe Home Package
Clareblend Mini Deluxe Home Package

Clareblend Mini Deluxe Home Package

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If you want the best of all that Christine offers, or you are tired of Botox and fillers, or just want a more natural way to manage aging, this package is for you.

It includes the Clareblend Mini Microcurrent device, for lifting the face and giving it back it’s youthful contours. TIP: If your muscles are sagging, your face is sagging!

It also includes 10 mL NeoGenesis Recovery, the #1 selling product from the company that has estheticians in a tizzy about the changes in their client’s skin like never before! This is stem cell science at its best, and with 70% active ingredients, it is a STAR product.

And, last but not least, you'll also get the ANMA, the face lifting facial massage tool. The Anma was developed by Jane Mann, Las Vegas’ best kept secret and highly sought after advanced microcurrent instructor and esthetician.

The Anma releases tension in your face, neck, traps, and scalp in a gentle way. You will be surprised at how this lifts the face. This is facial contouring massage you can do at home.  Use the Anma for a few minutes before your Clareblend Mini Microcurrent session to enhance results. TIP: Tight muscles don’t lift as well as relaxed ones. This combination is what Christine and Jane perform for their happy clients everyday with amazing results. Your face will be transformed!

The Clareblend Mini has a six-month limited warranty. This product cannot be returned for refund.

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