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CBE Botanicals Skincare Bundle

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The CBE Botanicals Skincare Bundle is packed full of my handpicked serums. You'll use these serums to improve skin tone, brighten dark spots, reduce wrinkles, exfoliate dead skin cells, increase collagen, and add moisture.

From safe plant-based ingredients to leading edge formulas, you'll love the results you'll achieve using these amazing products.  

The FREE cleansers and body scrub are a huge bonus. Using PH balanced cleanser will ensure you don't undo the results you get from skincare. Taking care of the skin on our body is equally important.

Learn more about each product here:

  • Sleep On It Retinol - High dose Retinol Moist, Samphira Wax (botanical retinol alternative obtained from sea fennel) and Liposome Encapsulated Vitamin A (retinol formulated to safely improve skin penetration) build collagen, reduce wrinkles, correct skin tone, refine skin texture, and tighten pores.
  • Brighten the Day - A skin brightening formula that actually works! With the benefits of wrinkle reduction from Argireline (topical botox) and minerals for boosting microcurrent results, this will be your go-to skin brightening serum.
  • Triple C + Gold - This formula maintains the potency of the Vitamin C (unlike most that significantly degrade within hours). It delivers antioxidant properties of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and supports collagen synthesis. Contains the world’s best Vitamin C extract from Kakadu plum!
  • Revive Exfoliating Serum - A gentle way to dissolve the dead skin cells that cause skin to be dull and flakey and clog pores! Revive is a leave-on exfoliating serum. There's no need to rinse! So easy to use!
  • Fresh Face Whip Moisturizer - A lightweight, whipped moisturizing cream with natural essential oils of sage, grapefruit, and orange. It is ideal for all skin types. Great to use during skin resting periods if you're using a moisturizer that "works" the skin. You'll love the simple hydration with this beauty.
  • Just Say Ahh Cleanser - This invigorating cleanser awakens the skin with Ginseng, Orchid Extract and Glyco-Proteins. These key ingredients help to stimulate the skin promoting oxygen-revitalizing effects. Japanese Green Tea is incorporated in this cleanser to soothe delicate or sensitive skin. 
  • Just Say Spa Body Wash - You'll love the delightful moisturizing benefits and skin renewal from a blend of meadowsweet extract, combined with light exfoliation benefits from lactic acid found in willow bark extract and polysaccharides (water-binding agent with antioxidant properties) from honey extract. There's more delightfulness! It contains the inner gel of the aloe plant to further hydrate, along with the kola nut to sooth the skin. Lemon bioflavonoids and rosemary extract stimulates, and tones and the astringent qualities of horse chestnut makes it the perfect wash to support the cleanliness and health of your skin. Warning - You'll end up sharing this with anyone else who uses it. 
  • TEAriffic Body Scrub - Now you can take great care of the skin on your body with this luxurious, antioxidant body scrub. This scrub is 98% natural and 70% organic antioxidant body scrub formulated with the organic polyphenols of Green and White Tea. Polyphenols protect skin from cancer and other forms of sun damage and help reverse signs of aging like sunspots, fine lines, and wrinkles. Use TEAriffic Body Scrub and then follow with Just Say Spa Body Wash for a spa-like shower experience.

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