CBE Botanicals Just Stay Dry - Cleansing Set


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Cleansing just got easier with the Just Stay Dry Cleansing Set from CBE Botanicals.

100% cotton head wrap secures with velcro to stay in place. Great to keep bangs dry and hair away from the face during cleansing. Cotton wrist bands prevent drips from running down the arms onto the floor and clothes. 

Super convenient. Easy care. Add two or three sets to your cart to have one set to use while others are in the laundry. 

How to Use

Place logo portion of headwrap at the forehead over hair and wrap ends together at back of neck near hairline using velcro to secure. Adjust to keep hair off forehead and face Place a wrist band on each wrist where comfortable to prevent water from running down arms as you cleanse.

How to Clean

Wash & dry as needed in a lingerie bag to prevent velcro from sticking to clothes in dryer and losing wrist bands.

NOTE: The head wrap is hand embroidered so no two sets are exactly the same. This product cannot be returned and is non-refundable.